The importance of independence in seniors


Seniors in our lives can sometimes face physical and mental barriers when it comes to performing everyday tasks. However, it is important to encourage them to be as independent as possible, this approach enabling them to feel valued and therefore improve the quality of their lives.

By taking care of the senior loved ones in your life, you also help improve their overall health. Research shows that keeping them physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged helps them retain better cognitive functions, maintain their health and live independently better.

Caregiving means more than doing things for seniors, it means doing things with them. Although sometimes doing things for them might seem to be more efficient, it doesn’t actually cultivate their self-esteem and might make them feel less valued.

Interactive caregiving

Interactive caregiving is a method of caring for seniors, which promotes an overall well-being that covers every aspect — physical, mental, social and emotional. This approach focuses on the person as a whole and keep

s seniors happy and engaged.

This type of caregiving also provides a sense of purpose for our loved seniors. Most people do not want to be cared for, as we naturally derive pleasure from accomplishing different tasks throughout the day. For this reason, it’s important to encourage and maintain their motivation to strive for a better health.

The best way to start is by talking to the senior in your life and determine what his or her interests are. Afterward, create a plan to do those things together and keep in mind the elements of interactive caregiving when planning the activities.


Types of activities

Physical activity, which should always be approved by the senior’s physician, can help reduce the severity of illness and increase the overall condition. Dancing is a good example of such an activity, especially as it can also be a socializing opportunity. Other types such as gardening can stimulate self-esteem.

Social isolation can become an issue for seniors. Spending time with family and friends or attending parties and other events makes them feel included and promotes good memory retention.

Mental stimulation, such as puzzles or other brain games, helps maintain healthy mental and emotional functions, enabling them to have a sharp mind and a positive outlook on life. Being connected to the family and enjoying emotional stability helps seniors be happy and optimistic, thus reducing the risk of depression.

In order to provide the best care, you can implement this type of care, as well as look for simple gadgets that can provide a tremendous amount of help in mundane activities. By reading some reviews you’ll easily find the ones that you need. This can also be a fun thing to do together when planning the next activity.

5 gadgets to take with you when you go camping


Getting away from the maddening crowd can be a thrilling, as much as well-deserved experience. To make sure, however, that you do not end up getting more than you bargained for, such as being stranded out in the woods, without means of communication or phone signal. Many things can go wrong while embarked on such a trip, so a good idea would be to be well prepared for everything. Here are some essential gadgets you should have with you.

A water purifier

Even the most pristine water streams can hold unexpected dangers in the shape of microorganisms that can cause severe health problems. To make sure that all the water you drink is safe for you and the other people in your party, get a portable water purifier. Make sure to clean the water of all the large sediments, by straining it, then place the portable water purifier inside and let it purify the water you are about to drink.


A GPS unit

You should always know where you go and where you come from. What better way to do that than making sure that your vehicle is equipped with a GPS unit. Many people go camping with their RVs, which is why an RV GPS is a must-have for long trips. Besides helping you avoid getting lost in the woods, such a unit can tell you about the best places to camp with your RV, as well as what other routes to take to avoid mishaps, like narrow roads and the like.


A power bank

While you may go camping because you want to be away from technology, the chances are that you will still have your smartphone and even a tablet with you. For longer trips, it is a great idea to have a power bank with you so that you can recharge your phone a few times. The models with multiple ports even allow you to recharge more devices at the same time.


Folding kitchen essentials

Cooking in the wild can be an exciting adventure, but hauling everything you need for that, regarding kitchen utensils, is not. That is why a solution that is more high tech than you probably use is a set of folding kitchen essentials. These will take up less room in the trunk of your car.

A sun lighter

Making a fire can be more fun when you use a gadget to make it happen. Available in stores for only several bucks, such devices are easy to use, and they will make you feel more like an outdoorsman than ever before. Focusing the energy freely offered by the sun, this gadget will let you create a fire with very little at your disposal.

How to save energy



Whether you want to save some bucks or would just like to feel better about yourself by thinking that you’re saving the environment, you’re probably looking to save a bit of energy. I’m going to give you some tips for this as I have applied them time and again and they seem to work rather decently. Sometimes, it’s difficult to stick to these rules, especially if you’ve become accustomed to relying heavily on electricity or you just have the habit of using all the lights in your home even though you’re sitting in front of the TV in your bedroom.

One of the first tips I’ll give you is to turn your refrigerator down. I don’t know about you, but I’m in a long-distance relationship at this time in my life, and so I’m hardly interested in cooking something overly complex just for myself. What this means is that my fridge has some basic ingredients like salad, a bottle of wine, cheeses and sometimes, some rotisserie chicken. So, for just a handful of foods, I couldn’t possibly keep my fridge on the highest setting, right? There’s no point in doing that.


I tried adjusting the water heater thermostat because I have a boiler and it’s rather obvious that I don’t wash my body every minute of every day. However, this feat was the most difficult one for me, and I ended up abandoning it altogether. When I get back home from work, I need to make sure that I’m able to take a shower with the hottest water possible in the cold season. I don’t like taking cold showers even in the summer and even if the weather is scalding.

I also started to replace my old appliances gradually so that they don’t consume so much juice. My grandmother had given me some things, but they had been manufactured back in the 70s. Even though they were perfectly functional, I was under the impression that they were the culprits for my obscene bills. I was right. Once I replaced my antique fridge and got a new one, I could actually see the difference.

Something other that I managed to do is use air conditioning as rarely as possible. I believe that we, Americans, unfortunately, tend to rely on AC way too much. I’ve seen people wear sweaters in their homes during the summer even though outdoors, the weather was scorching. Just wear a t-shirt when it’s hot and a sweater when it’s cold. Also, make sure to weatherize your house so that there are no leaks where cold air could go in during the winter.

Try to recycle as many products as possible, but I guess you don’t need me to tell you that. It’s our responsibility to preserve nature for future generations.


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How to get a good washer and dryer


Something I’ve never really enjoyed is buying new appliances once you move into a new home. Most people tend to love this part of moving in, but I loathe it. On the one hand, they cost a lot of money, so it’s not like I’m supposed to be happy because I’m going to ruin my budget. On the other, tossing and turning about getting a unit over the next seems like a stupid thing to do. Unfortunately, it takes a whole lot of time to get the right model because there are loads of options out there.

What I did when I had to get my washer and dryer was go online and type just this on the Amazon web page. Then, I started looking at the most popular choices available for sale, and I tried to make the difference between one and the next. Eventually, and because I’m not the most tech-savvy individual in the world, I had to refer to some washer and dryer reviews.

Obviously, the first resource you ought to consider when trying to do your research on the matter is composed of the ratings left by other people. Other buyers, just like you, can let you know a lot of things, including what to expect from the washer and dryer in terms of performance, convenience, diversity of settings, and customization.

From what I gathered by going through such consumer reports, the first thing you ought to look at is the amount of space you have available. There are two different types of machines out there, meaning that some combos are composed of two individual ones whereas others resemble the design of a regular washing machine but boast many more settings that allow you to use them as a dryer, as well.

Energy efficiency is another factor that you should mull over. Such machines tend to use a lot of electricity, and that’s only fair given the task they have to complete. Many people actually argue that buying a dryer is counterproductive because you’ll end up wasting money on hot air instead of using the air in your home or on your patio. The fact of the matter is that most of those who live in crowded places or share homes with other individuals have to use a washer and dryer for convenience. If for example, you have a property you want to rent to two people, you probably have to get a combo instead of just a washer.

If hygiene is one of your concerns, you may also need to consider the features that the combo is outfitted with. Some are so good at their jobs that they can eliminate up to 99% of the germs in your clothes. And let’s face it, it’s likely that the t-shirt you’ve spilled some orange juice on when you were chugging it right from the bottle develops some sort of crust in time.

Are Americans addicted to air conditioning?

Some say that air conditioning is absolutely integral to modern life. At least that’s what the majority of Americans seem to believe given their habits. I recently read an article on the Washington Post website according to which Europeans don’t use half of the air conditioning that the Americans rely on during the summer and even during the cold season, as well.

With global warming becoming a reality of our lives, it’s safe to say that we want to be as chilly and relaxed as possible when it’s scalding outside. However, we don’t realize that using such machines and appliances for several hours every day takes a toll both on our budget as we will be the ones paying for those bills and on our environment.

There are few people who still haven’t installed AC in their homes, and they usually go to the theater whenever they have some time off. Some wear sweaters because it’s just too cold whereas others actually like it, for a change. The problem, in my opinion, is that most Americans have become too accustomed to feeling good and comfortable at all times.

Turning the heat on when it’s freezing in your home seems like a reasonable idea, and I couldn’t possibly argue with that. However, during the summer, you have a lot of other options. You could drink iced tea to chill your body without having to use something else, or you could at least utilize a fan.

After all, fans consume a lot less power compared to air conditioning. Some of the people I’ve met over time and have debated the topic with say that fans don’t do a lot in terms of actually cooling you and that’s because they practically recirculate the same hot air that might be in the room you’re in.

Other resources I’ve gone through claim that the difference between Europeans and Americans in terms of their air conditioning habits is that they set their thermostats differently. While Europeans prefer feeling like it’s winter and as such, they wear sweaters in their homes during the cold season, Americans like to wear t-shirts all year round. That’s why they might end up feeling just a bit too cold in the summer and eventually have to dress up like it’s autumn.

As the whole AC business is rather new to Europe, most of the people who were born there have rarely had the chance to grow up with air conditioning. That’s why they believe it’s kind of ridiculous as they probably have far less trouble dealing with the rising temperatures they might have to stand during the summer. Also, EU citizens are said to welcome action to stop global warming in a more favorable way compared to Americans.