Are Americans addicted to air conditioning?

Some say that air conditioning is absolutely integral to modern life. At least that’s what the majority of Americans seem to believe given their habits. I recently read an article on the Washington Post website according to which Europeans don’t use half of the air conditioning that the Americans rely on during the summer and even during the cold season, as well.

With global warming becoming a reality of our lives, it’s safe to say that we want to be as chilly and relaxed as possible when it’s scalding outside. However, we don’t realize that using such machines and appliances for several hours every day takes a toll both on our budget as we will be the ones paying for those bills and on our environment.

There are few people who still haven’t installed AC in their homes, and they usually go to the theater whenever they have some time off. Some wear sweaters because it’s just too cold whereas others actually like it, for a change. The problem, in my opinion, is that most Americans have become too accustomed to feeling good and comfortable at all times.

Turning the heat on when it’s freezing in your home seems like a reasonable idea, and I couldn’t possibly argue with that. However, during the summer, you have a lot of other options. You could drink iced tea to chill your body without having to use something else, or you could at least utilize a fan.

After all, fans consume a lot less power compared to air conditioning. Some of the people I’ve met over time and have debated the topic with say that fans don’t do a lot in terms of actually cooling you and that’s because they practically recirculate the same hot air that might be in the room you’re in.

Other resources I’ve gone through claim that the difference between Europeans and Americans in terms of their air conditioning habits is that they set their thermostats differently. While Europeans prefer feeling like it’s winter and as such, they wear sweaters in their homes during the cold season, Americans like to wear t-shirts all year round. That’s why they might end up feeling just a bit too cold in the summer and eventually have to dress up like it’s autumn.

As the whole AC business is rather new to Europe, most of the people who were born there have rarely had the chance to grow up with air conditioning. That’s why they believe it’s kind of ridiculous as they probably have far less trouble dealing with the rising temperatures they might have to stand during the summer. Also, EU citizens are said to welcome action to stop global warming in a more favorable way compared to Americans.