The importance of independence in seniors


Seniors in our lives can sometimes face physical and mental barriers when it comes to performing everyday tasks. However, it is important to encourage them to be as independent as possible, this approach enabling them to feel valued and therefore improve the quality of their lives.

By taking care of the senior loved ones in your life, you also help improve their overall health. Research shows that keeping them physically, mentally, socially and emotionally engaged helps them retain better cognitive functions, maintain their health and live independently better.

Caregiving means more than doing things for seniors, it means doing things with them. Although sometimes doing things for them might seem to be more efficient, it doesn’t actually cultivate their self-esteem and might make them feel less valued.

Interactive caregiving

Interactive caregiving is a method of caring for seniors, which promotes an overall well-being that covers every aspect — physical, mental, social and emotional. This approach focuses on the person as a whole and keep

s seniors happy and engaged.

This type of caregiving also provides a sense of purpose for our loved seniors. Most people do not want to be cared for, as we naturally derive pleasure from accomplishing different tasks throughout the day. For this reason, it’s important to encourage and maintain their motivation to strive for a better health.

The best way to start is by talking to the senior in your life and determine what his or her interests are. Afterward, create a plan to do those things together and keep in mind the elements of interactive caregiving when planning the activities.


Types of activities

Physical activity, which should always be approved by the senior’s physician, can help reduce the severity of illness and increase the overall condition. Dancing is a good example of such an activity, especially as it can also be a socializing opportunity. Other types such as gardening can stimulate self-esteem.

Social isolation can become an issue for seniors. Spending time with family and friends or attending parties and other events makes them feel included and promotes good memory retention.

Mental stimulation, such as puzzles or other brain games, helps maintain healthy mental and emotional functions, enabling them to have a sharp mind and a positive outlook on life. Being connected to the family and enjoying emotional stability helps seniors be happy and optimistic, thus reducing the risk of depression.

In order to provide the best care, you can implement this type of care, as well as look for simple gadgets that can provide a tremendous amount of help in mundane activities. By reading some reviews you’ll easily find the ones that you need. This can also be a fun thing to do together when planning the next activity.